VIDEO: What You Need to Know About The Future of Cannabis Legalization in Canada

For many Canadians, there are concerns regarding how everything is going to roll out once cannabis legalization is passed in Canada.

After a recent poll, it was revealed that the public perception of cannabis legalization in Quebec is far less approved than it is in the rest of the country. According to an article by CBC, nearly 60% of Quebecers are not in favour of legalizing cannabis. While this largely falls on the fears that legalization of cannabis will negatively impact one’s well-being, there are several arguments that counteract this fear.

In order to inform those who are wary of legalization, it only made sense to bring in a few of the industry’s most involved to facilitate a discussion about whether or not these concerns are sound. The panel was hosted at Breakfast Television Montreal and moderated by Elias Makos.

The video below touches on how legalization is expected to roll out and which forms of consumption will have to wait (flower and concentrates only, but not edibles), where we can expect to buy it (dispensaries vs. pharmacies and liquor stores) and whom will be able to purchase (the current age of majority).

Check out the video to see what the group of panelists and Elias had to say.

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