How Microdosing is Encouraging a New Era of Cannabis Consumption

Cannabis on the rise as the next big thing in the medical field and the industry has opened up to be more inclusive of the recreational portion of the community as well.

So what exactly is a microdose? To microdose means taking just enough THC to activate the endocannabinoid system without the heavy psychoactive effects that could work against the experience you are seeking. This dose sits anywhere between 1 milligram to 5 milligrams of THC, depending on your tolerance and activity.

This is a great method for those who enjoy certain aspects of cannabis but have experienced too many negative effects which keeps them from using it therapeutically.

This isn’t to say that the psychoactive experience is entirely negative, but certain situations lend to a more mellow, focused mindset.

The beauty of microdosing is that you experience a creative opening with a clear mind. Low dose amounts of THC provide all the benefits of consumption without the heavy psychoactive effects that can lead to feelings of lethargy and brain fog (depending on what you’re smoking).

Microdosing best practices

When consuming cannabis for therapeutic use, too much THC can yield negative returns. Taking too high a dose can overwhelm the mind and underwhelm the body, so chances are you’ll be less productive. You can avoid taking too high of a dose, if you remember to follow the same guidelines that apply to edible consumption: start low and go slow.

Microdosing is personal! Just because your friend Susan can pack in a 10 mg brownie and brag about ‘barely feeling high’, doesn’t mean that you should do the same thing. We all have a different threshold when it comes to the effects of THC, but for newbies and high-functioning folks, less is more.

Recommended Strains

Harlequin is favoured by many, as is Pennywise and many of the Haze strains. I tend to refrain from inhaling smoke pre-workout since I’m mildly asthmatic and prefer tinctures or vaporizers, like Phoenix Tears by Baked Edibles, which can rage as low as 20:1 CBD:THC and can be found online or in legal retail shops. This offers a great way to dose sublingually moments before engaging in a fitness or creative activity.

Microdose Cannabis Cannabis is the new Kale

Okay, we know what you’re thinking: how do I know what a microdose is for me?
Good question! Not everyone has the same tolerance, so what might be a microdose for a well-seasoned cannabis patient or recreational consumer might have a newbie flying high above the clouds.

What is microdosing good for?

Therapeutic Purposes

Chances are, you’ve tried pharmaceutical medications to mitigate health issues, and didn’t like the side effects – which would make you a great candidate for microdosing. Cannabis can be wonderful for medicinal, therapeutic use, and has done wonders for psychiatric treatment.
On a personal level, I’ve experienced incredible moments of clarity while taking cannabis in the form of low-dose edibles or tinctures.

Physical activity: boost your fitness with microdosing!

Cannabis is a great tool that can help to shift your perspective. A true motivator! It’s widely used as part of a health and wellness regime by those who engage in fitness and enjoy the feeling of being more ‘present’ during their workout. Angelina ‘Blessed’ of Blessed Edibles is a prime example of how cannabis can be incorporated into fitness, but also praises the entourage effect for its added value of THC/CBD and caffeine combo to enhance your workout. ”I’ve tried training by taking CBD alone, and I was just too relaxed, but pairing that with a couple of puffs of Sativa is my ideal combination. Water-soluble THC works well, but to get a boost, and coffee with my morning workouts, especially of the Bulletproof variety.”

How To Consume?

Your method of consumption is crucial in controlling your dose, and some make it easier to gage than others. Vaporizing, while less discrete, is great for the instant effect, whereas ingesting edibles or tinctures can be done anywhere, but will take a bit longer to kick in (depending on your metabolism).

Vaporizing cannabis allows gage your dose accurately while avoiding harmful carcinogens. It also allows you to enjoy the subtle cannabinoid and terpene profiles, which can add to the overall experience. We recommend trying the PAX 3 or Alair Vaporizers, which are discrete, chic and won’t make you stand out like a sore thumb.

While this method is far more discreet than lighting a pre-roll, edibles and tinctures are your best option if you are indoors and in a public space. These allow you to medicate wherever, whenever and often yield a longer, more therapeutic experience. Microdosing can be more easily and accurately measured when you have a metric provided in a bottle or a chocolate bar (if one bar contains 100 milligrams of THC, maybe stick to half of a square).

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